My name is Qi Lin . I am a Chinese freelance photographer based in Haiti.

I would like to tell stories – stories that could connect the viewers with other people from afar and encourage the viewers to take a moment and visualize how those people are living, because “their” stories are “our” stories in this globalized world.

From oceans to deserts, these photos represent some of the most striking experiences I have had. These photos are also my attempts to capture the moments in the lives of those people and their living in this constantly changing world. Many things we are seeing now will not be the same even in the near future because everything is changing, including the climate, landscape and lifestyle. Let my photos take you to this journey of change – their journeys, my journey and our journeys. If you look closely, you would find your story in these photos.

My photo-taking process has also been a big journey: hitchhiking along the Nile River, going in a random destination without knowing anyone, or getting lost in a road trip. These unplanned trips have brought me to the absolute unknown, but they have also brought me some serendipity of encountering many interesting stories, in which I found the common humanity.